The constantly changing world means that people need to be equipped to learn for the duration of their lives, adapt to new realities, and be at home in any cultural or social context.

An educational system that prepares children for adulthood in just one social system is ineffective in these modern conditions, where forms of social organization are actively interchangeable. Each person must have the ability to ensure his or her prosperity and self-realization even when the rules of the game change.




Irkutsk’s Smart School embodies a new model of secondary education that synthesizes modern, advanced pedagogy with the proven usefulness of classical forms of education.

At the school, equal attention is paid to both a pupil’s training and education. The main goal is to teach children how to constantly learn about and master new areas of humanitarian and natural sciences, adapt to any cultural and social environment, and, finally, function and learn independently. We aim to equip our students with universal knowledge and inspire intellectual courage that will enable them to take control of their lives responsibly while also cooperating with others.

The school seeks to develop in children a sense of personal responsibility, independence, self-reliance, friendship, and cooperation, which together will prepare them for lives as mature citizens capable of both individual activity and productive interaction as members of teams.

Smart School is an advanced form of education that offers new answers to the main task of our time: educating the whole person to take responsibility for his or her own life.




The Smart School multimedia educational project is designed to open the way for students to pursue knowledge that will serve as an important foundation for their adult lives.

The authors of the project seek to restore lost access to accumulated human knowledge while offering new angles for presenting information and making it relevant and appealing to a younger audience.

The project seeks to the transfer civilization’s major intellectual achievements to a new generation. This will not only enrich the lives of youth and enable them to adapt successfully to adulthood but will also make their lives more interesting and meaningful.