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À Irkoutsk, une «école intelligente» pour l'adaptation des orphelins


En Russie la problématique de l'adaptation des enfants orphelins attire enfin l'attention. Dans le cadre de l'une des initiatives entreprises dans ce sens, une «école intelligente» verra le jour dans la région d'Irkoutsk (près du lac Baïkal), prévoyant un programme spécial visant à la réhabilitation des enfants issus de familles d'accueil.

Russia beyond the headlines, 1  juillet 2017




Will a controversial education reform spark fresh protests in Hong-Kong?


Carrie Lam, the incoming Chief Executive of Hong Kong, has already sparked controversy following incendiary remarks about Hong Kong’s education system in which she emphasized that schools should be placing more focus on instilling a so-called “Chinese spirit.” 

International policy digest, 30 June 2017




New Schools: #Learning for Life in the 21st Century


In the aftermath of the Brexit vote, the election of Donald Trump to the highest seat in American politics, and a widespread resurgence of populist politics across Europe and the US, the West seems to have been delivered a wake-up call: issues of unemployment, underemployment and the struggles of the working class remain, despite appearances, unresolved in the 21st century.

Eureporter, 22 June 2017






Architects from Denmark to Japan are rethinking school design to foster new ways of learning. John McDermott absorbs their lessons

1843magazine, april/may 2017




Work to start on Russia’s “school of tomorrow”


Construction has begun on a smart school in Irkutsk, Siberia, that seeks to combine architecture and landscape into a “unique learning environment and gathering point for the local community”.

Global construction review10 April 2017




CEBRA’s Mixed Use Smart School Proposes a Rethink of Russia’s Education System


With high hopes of contributing to the reformation of Russia’s secondary schooling system, construction has begun on Smart School, a planned 31,000 meters square educational complex in Irkutsk, Siberia, which combines multi-use educational facilities, outdoor learning spaces, and housing developments for adoptive families.

ArchDaily9 April 2017 




Designing the schools of the future


A five-storey school with a rooftop garden and playground, situated in the heart of a bustling city and surrounded by skyscrapers – this is the vision of just one of the projects nominated for this year’s World Architecture Festival awards.

Teacher, 10 November 2016




Tomorrow's buildings: Smarter by design


The smartest buildings of the future will be those designed with people in mind, according to a new breed of architects trying to put the human at the centre of the process.

BBC News, 27 April 2016




Smart School Meadows


Danish architects CEBRA have won the international design competition for the Smart School educational complex in Irkutsk, Russia.




The Smart School winning design: "Extraordinary comes out of the ordinary"


Following on from our interview with Smart School runner-up Rudanko+Kankkunen, now we talk to one of the architects behind the competition's winning design – Carsten Primdahl from Danish studio CEBRA, whose locally inspired design for an intelligent new school in Irkutsk blew away the judges.

World build 365, 16 February 2016






Some of our favorite schools can be viewed as inseparable from the communities they serve and the natural places they are located in.

Education NOW, September 2015




Smart School in Irkutsk, Russia


The vision for the Smart School project is to create a new type of school – a “School Park” – that unites architecture and landscape into a unique learning environment and gathering point for the local community.

Beautiful lands, 13  September 2015




CEBRA’s Smart School Meadow is an inclusive learning space that doubles as community center in Russia


CEBRA's winning competition proposal for a school in Russia doubles as a local community center and draws the surrounding landscape into the complex, unified under a large ridged rooftop.

Inhabitat, 9 September 2015




Irkutsk to get futuristic new $58 million Smart School, unique in the world


Stunning new Danish-designed buildings will offer new hope to orphans and their adoptive families.

The Siberian Times, 07 September 2015



CEBRA wins international competition to design Smart School in Russia


Danish architecture studio CEBRA has won a competition to design an education campus in Irkutsk, Russia, which the firm described as "a new kind of school".

Dezeen, 4 September 2015