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On June 20–23, 2017, the International Conference Education#inFocus will be held at the UN Office in Geneva (Switzerland). The event will bring together Russian and foreign experts, representatives of government bodies, international and national centers for the development of social innovations, educational institutions, business companies, non-profit organizations and foundations, the media, as well as state and public figures from 30 states and 20 regions of Russia.


Among the invited speakers there are Mark Sartan, the Head of the Center for the Development of Educational Systems “Smart School”, Alena Kuratova, the Chairperson, the Board of the BELA Foundation, Anna Evsina (Czech Republic), a Board Member, the International Methodical Council on Multilingualism and Intercultural Communication “Klyuch” [The Key], Paul Collard (Great Britain), the Executive Director, the Creativity, Culture and Education, and others.


The main thematic areas of the Conference are focused on the issues of the accessibility of education, on inclusion, new approaches in education, early vocational training, and leisure opportunities for children and youth. The Conference participants will present their projects and discuss modern trends and innovations in education.


The organizers of the Conference are the National Association for the Development of Education “The Notebook of Friendship”, the Special Consultative Organization under the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) “The Vector of Friendship”, the Library of Nations of the United Nations Geneva Branch, the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the UN Office and other international organizations in Geneva with the assistance of the International Methodological Council on Multilingualism and Intercultural Communication “Klyuch”.

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