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On September 23–25, as part of Foster Families Club  in Angarsk and Irkutsk, foster parents met with Maksim Anikeyev, Director of the Municipal State Educational Institution “Kitezhskaya Secondary School” and Head of the foster families community  “Kitezh”. The Foster Families Club  was established by the Smart School educational project in cooperation with the Department of Trusteeship and Guardianship of the Ministry of Social Development of the Irkutsk Region.


The program of the training seminar was drawn up based on the feedback from foster parents and covered the following topics of concern:

– age specifics in the upbringing of children;

– difficulties in family upbringing of foster children: theft, lies, begging, the child’s attachment to strangers, disobedience, etc.;

– communication with the child’s blood relatives: establishing contact, assessing the difficulties and risks for the foster child, safeguarding the foster child’s interests;

– preparing the family for a new foster child.


Other difficulties faced by foster families in the Irkutsk region were also discussed in the informal atmosphere of the meetings. For example, one of the pressing issues has been the interaction between foster families and educational institutions in the Irkutsk region. Currently the search for better ways to interact, understand and accept the educational needs and characteristics of orphans who live in foster families is an extremely important task.


In total, 47 foster parents, 4 applicants and specialists from a foster care center took part in the program.


The activities of the Foster Families Club contribute to the creation of a professional community of people engaged in the upbringing of orphans and children left without parental care. The purpose is to assist foster parents in establishing a professional position in regard to their educational experience, in preventing professional burnout and in being open in communication with specialists of support services.

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