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On November 17–19, 2016 the next cycle of training events for substitute families, applicants to become foster parents, and child services specialists was organized by  Smart School in Irkutsk.


There were three workshops for foster parents during the November cycle. They were focused on the ways of promoting cooperation between a foster family and child services specialists. At the training for foster parents applicants the discussion concentrated on what it means to be a successful family and how to properly build a path to this status. The main issue at two seminars for care specialists in the Irkutsk region was the topic “How to create the best support service in the country?”.


The meetings and seminars were run by those with recognized expertise: Alexey Ghazaryan, social care teacher, journalist and publicist, Vice-President at the Philaret Charitable Foundation, and Leonid Mityaev, EdD, honorary education worker of the Russian Federation and the City of Moscow, Director of the Children’s SOS-Village Tomilino (1995–2009).


In total, the Smart School seminars were attended by about 40 foster parents and 14 applicants, as well as more than 30 specialists from Irkutsk, Angarsk, Ust-Ilimsk and the Irkutsk district. The event was supported by the Ministry of Social Development, guardianship and trusteeship of the Irkutsk region.

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