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Under the terms of the Agreement with the Ulyanovsk Regional Government Smart School will develop an action plan for the creation of an educational complex in Ulyanovsk and will also take part in further training programs for educators and improving the general education system of the region.


The Educational Complex is planned as part of Technocampus 2.0 – an  innovation and technology park with a special eco-environment. Technocampus was designed as a business incubator for high-tech start-ups. It is comprised of engineering centers, pilot production facilities and social infrastructure facilities.




Sergey Morozov, Interim Governor of the Ulyanovsk region



“It is science that must generate high marginality, profits and added value in the regional economy. We have started the development of a law on a technological valley and will radically change the legislative basis of the Ulyanovsk region, which will allow us to focus our best minds and entrepreneurial approaches,” said Sergey Morozov,  Governor of the Ulyanovsk region. “We are building a techno-entrepreneurial valley, and Technocampus will be the first stage of the project. Only in cooperation with the world’s leading innovative centers will we be able to create competitive products and developments. I would like children finishing school to know who they want to become, and university graduates to get the job they want. I am sure that Smart School will be the first step towards preparing a child for adulthood in modern conditions. We must make a huge leap forward in order to increase the prestige of Ulyanovsk and of education in Russia in general.”


Technocampus is aimed not so much at the production of goods and services, but rather at the development and sale of new technologies. The enterprises will specialize in three high-tech areas of the future economy: transport and logistics, renewable energy and electronic health. Hence the special requirements for the curriculum of the Educational Complex.




Mark Sartan, General Director, the Smart School


“The economy of the future in the region can be built only by specialists with special competence in technological entrepreneurship. And we should already start preparing them in school,” said Mark Sartan, General Director of the Smart School Company. “When developing the educational concept of the School in Technocampus, we focused on the formation of such qualities of the graduate as resource thinking, extended range of interests and business skills and entrepreneurial attitudes. Yes, the qualities cannot be verified by a Unified State Exam, but this makes the task even more ambitious. We have now commenced the educational program, and the first results will be presented at the beginning of the next academic year.”


According to Ekaterina Uba, Deputy Chairman of the Government, Minister of Education and Science, the agreement on cooperation with Smart School signed by the  Governor of the Ulyanovsk region is an important step towards the implementation of the Federal State Educational Standard in the Ulyanovsk region. The region is in need of cooperation with a creative innovation company to solve this problem. The Ulyanovsk region has found a strategic partner in Smart School. In the near future a list and schedule of educational events will be composed in association with the company’s specialists. The first seminars for teachers in the region can be held this autumn.




Vadim Pavlov, Interim Minister of Economic Development of the Ulyanovsk Region


“The main concept of Technocampus and Smart School is to create a place where knowledge becomes business. The Governor Sergey Morozov has repeatedly determined in his major assignments that for the coming years the driver of the Ulyanovsk region economy should be high-tech business development and technological entrepreneurship. Today there are about 70 thousand students and staff in higher education in the region. A consortium of universities and research institutes of the Ulyanovsk region has been established to consolidate the impulse. It currently includes 17 organizations. Through innovation and technology projects we are solving the task of building companies with high labor productivity and high added value, which motivates the real competitiveness of the region,” said Vadim Pavlov, Interim Minister of Economic Development of the Ulyanovsk region.


Smart School  was invited to become a partner in the development of the concept of the School in Technocampus due to the strong competencies in innovative educational developments, which were clearly manifested, in particular, while carrying out the Irkutsk school project. In February 2016 the Chairman of the Government of the Irkutsk Region created a work group for the construction of Smart School in Irkutsk. In the process of developing the concept of the School in Technocampus a model that can be implemented in different regions of Russia will be created.

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